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Kung Fu Stances

Kung fu Stances

Stances are the body weight distribution, foot movements and body positions (particularly the legs and torso). Stances are used to shift body weight during attack, defense, changing positions or retreat. In Kung fu the most widely used stance is high bow stance.

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Kung Fu Punches

Kung fu Punches

A punch is using your fist to strike your opponent. It is used in most of the martial arts and combat sports, most notably in boxing, where it is the only type or way of offensive technique allowed. In Kung fu there are a variety of punches that are in regular use.

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Kung Fu Kicks

Kung fu Kicks

Kicks are more powerful than fist attack if execute perfectly. Legs are longer and stronger than the arms therefore kicks are generally used to keep an opponent at a distance, surprise your opponent and execute it perfectly on time for maximum impact.

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Kung Fu Blocks

Kung fu Blocks

Blocking or blocks plays an important role in any martial arts base on striking. In martial arts, blocking is a way of stopping or deflecting an opponent’s attack to prevent injurious. A block usually consists of placing your hand or leg across the line of the attack.

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Kung Fu School Sword Thrust

Learn Kung fu from anywhere

Distance won’t be a limitation when there is a will to learn. So no matter where do you live, you can learn kung fu from anywhere. Watch our videos carefully and follow every instructions and improve your skills.

All martial arts information are available in multi-languages. Videos are available in Hindi ( हिंदी ) and English.

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