Dharmendra Kumar

Dharmendra Kumar

( Martial Artist / Wushu Coach )

My name is Dharmendra Kumar, I am presently a Wushu Coach and Delhi State Wushu Judge. I have been practicing Martial Arts since 1998 under the guidance of my Master Sh. Anil Kumar Dhyani

I have learned and practiced some of the well known Kung Fu (Wushu competition forms) Styles like Changquan, Jianshu, Daoshu, Gunshu and Taijiquan. I had participated in Delhi State Wushu Competitions in the year 2001-02 and won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in different wushu taolu events. I have also participated in few karate sparring competitions.

I also have been practicing Shaolin and Wing Chun Kung fu forms. I look myself as a Martial Artists, a Kung-fu Practitioner.. I still practice and love to learn new things in martial arts. I like to adopt new techniques and also like to create some of my own.

Judging Participation at Delhi State Wushu Championship 2018

Judging Participation
( Delhi State Wushu Championship 2018 )

Judging at Delhi State Wushu Championship 2018

Judging Participation
( Delhi State Wushu Championship 2018 )

Wushu Judges Seminar 2018

Certified Wushu Coach
( Delhi State Wushu Judges Seminar 2018 )

Delhi State Wushu Championship 2002

Gold & Silver Medalist
( Delhi State Wushu Championship 2002 )

What is Important?

What i have seen in martial arts is that most of the martial artists always chases belts and certificates instead of skills.

And completely opposite to this i always says to my fellow martial artists and students is to

Forget degrees and belts,… just learn Martial Arts and Practice Hard. Your talent will speak louder than your degrees and belts.

What important is to learn the art deeply instead of trapping into belts levels and grading.


Martial Arts Importance

Martial arts changes your life and your thinking. It increases patience and increases respects for others. It helps to know the value of hard work. Martial arts increases self-discipline and helps to work in an organized manner.


Kungfu vs Other Martial Arts

I Respect every martial arts whether its Karate, taekwando, judo, boxing, jiujutsu or any other famous martial arts.

I respect each and every of these martial arts because these have something special, some special qualities, that these arts are still exists and are in practice around the world.

As a kungfu practitioner i have found kungfu is designed to practice in depth comparing other martial arts.

I personally believe that kungfu is a flowing art, it flows like air, it flows like water… it connects us to the mother nature.

Kungfu Styles ( forms ) are drived from mother nature earth and living things on earth (like human, birds, insects and animals). Kungfu is also different from other martial arts because the word “Kungfu” means Hard Practice and Years of Practice. It takes years of practice to become a true Kungfu Master.

Unless other martial arts i found kungfu has unlimited styles and opportunities.

Kungfu is a wise form of Martial Arts.


Reason to open Kungfu School

I had no plans to teach kungfu in the beginning but since the last few years i have felt to do something in this field as there are few things that are constantly irritating me.

Following are some important reasons that pushed me to start my own Kungfu school:

1. This first reason that has irritated me alot is when i see FAKE MARTIAL ARTISTS. I have noticed that there are many fake martial artists in India as well as in other countries, who are fooling people on the name of Kungfu. Who either have no knowledge of kungfu or are untrained and teaching wrong things on the name of kungfu. These are fake martial artists who are self-titled as “SIFU“, “Master” and “Grand Master“. Some of these are carrying fake Certificates, Degrees and Affiliations to attract students and their parents. Main motive of these fake martial artists is to use martial arts as a profitable business instead of taking it as an art.

2. The second main reason is that most of the martial arts schools are charging huge fees from their students, that not every student is able to pay. Some of the martial arts schools are charging thousands of bucks every month as training fees. And thousands of bucks on the name of belt grading and certificates. I am not against these fees but i am against this that even they are charging huge fees they are teaching wrong techniques and forms. That is not good. Don’t play with students career.

3. Third main reason is that in some remote areas like villages and small towns there are no martial arts schools available. My purpose is to reach to them to provide the best martial arts knowledge. So that they also get the equal opportunity to learn and show their ability and skills to the world.


My Aim

My Aim is very clear, that is to provide the best knowledge of martial arts to every person who is willing to learn martial arts. I want to share the knowledge that i have earned from learning kungfu in the last 20 years.

“Sharing is Caring” that i believe.


Future Plans

I have lots of future plans in martial arts. But i do not want to discuss here at this moment. I will reveal my plans by turning them into reality. So wait for it 🙂

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